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Getting it “Right”: The Benefits of Engaging External Investigators for Workplace Investigations.

We are Specialists:

Incident investigation is one of our specialist services.  We provide a full investigation service, starting from in-loco inspections of incident scenes, through the data collection, incident root cause analysis and recommendation of provision of corrective and preventive action. Our consultants regularly perform industrial investigations with high and severe consequences like fires and explosions, and fatalities.

We bring current industry knowledge collected over a range of industries and organisations to your company, thus accelerating your acquisition of knowledge and increasing the effectiveness of your risk management programs. Our recent work includes incident investigation in heavy manufacturing, energy, oil and gas, petrochemical, smelting industry, construction, hard rock mining (blasting, fall of ground, mobile and trackless equipment)

We are experts in the use of a wide variety of investigative and analytical tools, including ICAM, SCAT/RCAT/ MORT, Fault Tree analysis, and Taproot and can base our investigation report on any of these to suit your incident database. We also have our own specially developed analysis tools that are applied to your benefit and can be used if you do not already have one of the above tools in use.

Our reports are unbiased, complete, and confidential and form a critical part of preventing further incidents.

The reports are also essential in court cases to assist legal counsel in preventing undue legal prosecution. We have a strong track record in dealing with both serious and fatal incidents in the Minerals and Energy Sector and are thus able to produce relevant reports.

Our Expertise:

We are a Risk Management Consulting and Service Company in the SHERQ domain. Risk has different meanings to different people, but for most of our clients, risk implies that things don’t go the way they are intended. When things go better than expected, it is a great opportunity. When things turn sour, it spells danger. We help you take a balanced look at both.

Our Commitment:

Our commitment is to address your concerns. We work with you to set expectations and measure outcomes. We do not represent insurance companies. We don’t stop after telling you how bad things are. We work with you in finding ways to manage your risk to an expectable level.

Assembling the Investigation Team:

The investigation team is multidisciplinary and may include members from the
  • Client,
  • Workers,
  • Union Loss Adjuster,
  • Insurance,
  • legal
  • Original Equipment Suppliers Contractors,
  • Local Community, and
  • Governmental authorities.
iSTEC normally assigns subject matter experts (SMEs) to ensure that they are included, depending on the particular needs of each investigation. The investigation team members are selected by senior leadership in consultation with the iSTEC Chair. Selection is critical to the success of the root cause analysis investigation.

In Summary: Key Performances and outcomes.
  • Mistakes in investigations can be very costly for employers and employees. There is a need to consider what the best approach is to conducting workplace investigations taking into account the needs of the business. 
  • One of the most significant considerations for employers is whether to engage an external investigator. 
  • While not appropriate in every circumstance, there are a variety of benefits attached to engaging an external investigator to conduct workplace investigations, including that participants in the investigation process are likely to be more confident that the findings of an external investigator are unbiased, and accordingly may be less likely to challenge them.
  • iSTEC signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the client and conducts the External Investigation on behalf of the client.

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