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Bowtie Analysis Training


The bowtie methodology is designed to provide the right level of detail to facilitate understanding and risk based decision making, without oversimplifying a process. This course reflects current industry good practice (CCPS Bow Tie In Risk Management ‐ A Concept Book for Process Safety) and will help you better understand the methodology and how to conduct a bowtie analysis effectively in the management of process safety and environmental and asset integrity scenarios. Visualizing critical & complex hazardous scenarios allows all stakeholders to better appreciate the context of their role and significance of the risk controls (often Safety Critical Elements or Tasks) for which they are responsible.

Course Outline:

1. Bowtie concepts and risk management
2. Bowtie development & workshops
3. Human Factors in bowtie analysis
4. Primary uses of bowties
5. Barrier monitoring
6. Learning from events
7. Other uses of bowties

Course Outcomes:

By the end of this training course, you will understand:
‐ when and why to use bowtie analysis
‐ individual bowtie components and how they are assembled to illustrate a scenario
‐ how to apply bowtie methodology
‐ how to facilitate and plan bowtie workshops
‐ bowtie analysis’ interdependencies with other techniques
‐ the importance of monitoring & sustaining barrier (SCE) performance during operations,
maintenance and modifications.

Who will Benefit:

Anyone with a basic knowledge of the bowtie methodology but is seeking to become more
expert in its application. The course would particularly benefit management, engineering
and operations/maintenance personnel with responsibility for managing hazards and
implementing/sustaining risk control measures.

Duration & Price:

6 hours - Webinar Online - R1980.00

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